Welcome to the Petersfield Group

It is our group's aim to provide help and support to people living with diabetes in Petrsfield and nearby towns and villages.

We do this primarily through group meetings, designed with the express purpose of providing individuals with a safe, social forum to discuss diabetes, to hear advice from professionals and increase understanding of its effects.

When and where we can, we also try to raise money to promote awareness of diabetes and generally contribute in any way we can.

Whether you have been diagnosed yourself or if you are simply an individual with a desire for knowledge and an inclination to take part, we welcome you to our group.

  • 01

    Information and Fundraising Stall

    • Event date: 1 July 2016
    • Location: Waterlooville Market (in Precinct)

    Bob on 07775727857 will be pleased to hear from anyone who can help or donate things to sell.

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  • 07

    Summer Lunch

    • Event date: 7 July 2016
    • Location: The Half Moon, 32 London Street Petersfield

    Our third lunch of the year! Let David know on 02392643504 if you hope to attend.

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  • 03

    Coffee Morning

    • Event date: 3 September 2016
    • Location: Winton House, Petersfield

    PLeasae contact Carol on 01730301398 if you can help at the event or beforehand, preparing food. Otherwise, do come and...

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